(This is the second half)

2005 —

“Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan and some other countries! Second, even if we could snatch some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization. 

Therefore, solving the ‘issue of America’ is the key to solving all other issues.  First, this makes it possible for us to have many of our people migrate there and even establish another China under the same leadership of the CCP.  America was originally discovered by the ancestors of the yellow race, but Columbus gave credit to the White race.  We, the descendants of the Chinese nation, are ENTITLED to the possession of that land!   It is historical destiny that China and United States will come into unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path…and will fight. 

In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.  Of course, right now is not the time to openly break up with them.  Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology. We still need America. Therefore, we must do everything we can to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country. Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. 

There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio weapons have been invented one after another.  Of course, we have not been idle and in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind.  We are now capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning out’ America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop big aircraft carrier groups and focused instead on developing lethal bioweapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country. 

Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die. If the Chinese people are strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place. According to the computations of the author of Yellow Peril, more than half of the Chinese will die, and that figure would be more than 800 million people!  Just after the liberation (led by Communist Chairman Mao), our yellow land supported nearly 500 million people, while today the official figure of the population is more than 1.3 billion. This yellow land has reached the limit of its capacity.  One day, who know how soon it will come, the great collapse will occur any time and more than half of the population will have to go. 

It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans, but that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century…a century in which the CCP leads the world.  We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths.  However, if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter because, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party. 

The last problem I want to talk about is of firmly seizing the preparations for military battle. The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but, in fact, is aimed at the United States.  And that preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking with aircraft carriers or satellites.  Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of the new society. Therefore war is the midwife for the birth of China’s century. ”      (End)

Here is the entire speech by Comrade Chi Haotian… speech-by-comrade-chi-haotian. php